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Don't waste your time shopping for insurance. We have the options and do it for you! As insurance experts, we find you the right policy, for the right price, the Right Way -with Honesty & Integrity.

Knoxville, TN Insurance Agency

Serving: Knoxville, Nashville, Chattanooga, Tri-Cities, & Memphis.

Why thousands of Knoxville residents use Rightway Insurance

Unlike captive and direct insurance companies who try to hard-sell proprietary products and coverages, our agency is different because we are 100% independent of any one company.

We have access to a wide range of some of the highest rated insurance companies in the country, and we provide customer service that you can only get from a team of people who truly care about protecting you and your family, and possessions.

We do the heavy lifting for you

What's more, you don't have to lift a finger. We'll take your current coverage and provide you with a detailed comparison, showing you all of your available coverage and pricing options.


insurance agency Knoxville, TN


Personal Insurance Customer
I have used Ryan for my personal home and auto as well as rental properties. He always goes above and beyond with customer service and makes sure I am provided with the best possible coverage. I can't say enough about his work ethic and have appreciated the time he has taken to explain and walk me through my options. I highly recommend you use Ryan for your insurance needs!



insurance agency Knoxville, TN


Personal Insurance Customer
Ryan is a professional and detail oriented Agent. He asked questions and really got to know my needs to make sure I was getting the exact policy I needed. He even looked for a way to get me a lower rate than the original quote he gave me. I would recommend Ryan to anyone who wants an Agent willing to stand apart from the rest of the crowd and deliver exceptional customer service.
insurance agency Knoxville, TN


Personal Insurance Customer

Ryan consistently offers competitive pricing and superior products when comparing apples to apples with his competitors. His customer service and integrity are unmatched. I recommend him to anyone without hesitation or equivocation for your insurance needs.


Personal Insurance Customer


They spent five minutes on the phone with me asking very relevant questions, but nothing of the repetitive type. Then they sent me a super low-rate for great coverage. I pulled the trigger to go with it and they handled everything seamlessly. Amazing!



We'll shop and compare for you, saving you time, aggravation, and money!


Being Independent means that we don't work for any one insurance company. We have the ability to search multiple companies on your behalf, acting as a negotiator, to find you the best possible policy and price. You never have to haggle with an agent or insurance company again.


Not all insurance agencies are created equal. We have an in-depth knowledge of insurance policy coverages from dozens of different insurance companies. We've seen it all, and when it comes to fine print, we truly understand the coverage we are recommending.


Why sit on hold with a call center representative who doesn't know you, when you can deal with a familiar face who knows you and understands your unique situation? Our customer service is the single biggest reason why our customers refer us so many of their friends.


The entire reason you have insurance is for when you need to use it. Unfortunately, insurance contracts contain many exclusions and conditions you may be unaware of. We'll help you understand how you're covered, and walk you through your claim.


When you do business with RightWay Insurance, you're not only supporting your local community, but you're being serviced by a local business who knows your name, and your unique coverage needs. You never have to deal with call-center representatives again.

Even more reasons to choose our insurance agency if you live in Knoxville or surrounding areas

Choosing the right insurance policy can be a daunting task even for a well informed consumer. Image if you have no idea what you're doing?

At RightWay Insurance, our main goal is the make the process as easy, educational, and enjoyable as possible, with personalized and authentic advice from an experienced agent, who goes to bat for customers, and does the right thing every day.

One of the biggest reasons you would want to use an independent agent like us, is we work and live in your community, so you're supporting local economy and small business.

You're never just a number at RightWay Insurance Agency!

Get answers to frequently asked insurance questions on our blog

Insurance is one of the most confusing things for the average consumer to understand – but it doesn't have to be that way. At RightWay Insurance, we take great pride in educating you on how your coverage works.

This is critical in ensuring that you know exactly what you're paying for when you purchase insurance from us, or any other agency. Insurance is a legally binding contract between you, and an insurance company. It's important that you understand how you're covered, how you're not covered, and what the conditions are in your policy.


We'll shop and compare for you, saving you time, aggravation, and money!

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